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Black Nurses Association of Indianapolis, Inc., dedicates its collective and individual expertise to effect and improve education, execute care, and advocate for issues that adversely impact minority health care delivery. We are committed to remaining a reputable and uncompromising source of nursing expertise of health education and screening for minority communities, recruiters and mentors of minority men and women into the nursing profession, and advocates and educators for the elimination of conditions that adversely affect minority health care.

Black Nurses Association of Indianapolis, Inc., will continue to create, propel, and execute programs and projects that eliminate disparities in minority health care practices. BNA's goal is to target and partner with organizations and programs that create opportunities for enabling a mission of activism in Indiana and eliminating disparities in health care delivery to all minorities.

Black Nurses Association of Indianapolis, Inc., provides a forum for professional minority nurses to:

  • Honor and uphold the nursing profession.
  • Voluntarily serve and advocate local minority communities health needs.
  • Monitor, mentor, and measure minority students' success in professional nursing disciplines.
  • Translate collective competencies and expertise into superior delivery of service.
  • Remain a trusted advisor and preferred supplier of minority health information.
  • Continue professional growth through training, seminars, and conferences.
  • Reward performance by recognition and leadership opportunities.

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